Welcome. The theme here is mental health awareness and advocacy. Short version; I post about life as a mentally ill person . I go off about the challenges we face. I rant and rage about all the stupid, incomprehensible stuff we have to put up with. I say FUCK . **A LOT**. No, seriously. Watch The Boondock Saints and Clerks back to back. Then imagine that every single one of the cast had tourettes and had nailgunned their thumb to their kneecap. Like that. Only a little bit more.

Along the way I try to educate. I try to offer coping mechanisms. I try to share some of the insights I’ve gained in 30 years of fighting a case of PTSD so bad I’m supposed to be dead four times from it. If you’re mentally ill hopefully you’ll find something to help you in your fight. If not hopefully you’ll gain some insight into what it’s like to live every day of your life with a brain that is broken and kinda wants to kill you a little bit. Either way the whiskey’s over there ====>, the chocolate is over there <==== and keep your GODSDAMNED hands off my Batman comics.
Cheers all!


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